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Aufbau Wordpress Plugins

Lippe von Morgen Mittel


  • Für ein Vernetzungsplatform benutzt man die folgende Plugins
<!-- Created with SVG-edit -> upload one implementation another implementation uses uses depends on depends on another implementation uses exports an ESS Feed on an other website import an ESS Feed into the platform import an ICal Feed into the platform Layer 1 wp-libraries wp-events-interface Events Manager All in One Wrapper for one Wordpress Events Calendar wp-kvm-interface Upload events and initiative to the Karte von Morgen wp-initiative Register initiative in Wordpress Karte von Morgen Events Calendar wp-syndication-server Import Events from other websites Website Y Website X The Events Calendar wp-ess-event-calendar-client Export Events from other websites over ESS

Wordpress Plugin Downloads

  1. WP Libraries Mehr Info auf GitHub
  2. WP Events Interface Mehr Info auf GitHub
  3. WP Events Syndication Server Mehr Info auf GitHub
  4. WP KVM Interface Mehr Info auf GitHub
  5. WP Initiative Mehr Info auf GitHub
  6. WP ESS Event Calendar Client Mehr Info auf GitHub